Mr. Owl

I subscribe to Style at Home magazine. It is the last one of my fixed expenses that I truly could cut out…but…I get excited about the magazine arriving each month (similar to the weekly flyers that arrive on my doorstep [does anyone else get excited about that?]).  A trend right now in home decor is Owls. I am not sure why exactly…and all of a sudden I want one…but I have priorities like buying food and diapers and more diapers.

An example of the Owls that I am seeing EVERYWHERE!

I filed this “want” to the back of my brain and while on a shopping trip to my local Dollarama store. I spotted him.  In all of his ugly glory…

I believe I actually hid him from Andrew (I was worried he would think I had lost my mind).  I took off his nasty wings, sanded, primed and painted him in glossy white.  The finished product isn’t too bad.  I have placed him in a small corner of our newly renovated kitchen (one day I hope to write a post on our kitchen renovation once I am over the horror of it all).  As my mom says, the only corner where I can keep things perfectly neat (no one can reach the shelf). I now refer to it as my “shelf of solitude”!


Ugly Owl: $2

Sandpaper: $0 (we already had it)

Primer: $6

Spray Paint: $4

Total: $12 (but I can use the paint & primer for other DIYs)

The big reveal…..

…and on the shelf…

Ta-da!  I now have the Owl of my dreams!

Thanks for visiting.


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4 thoughts on “Mr. Owl

  1. Sarah! I too am a big fan of interior design and the related tv shows and mags. I noticed the owl trend months ago in interior design and fashion (necklaces etc). Crazy! I like how you found a way to incorporate that design, but without paying a lot of money. Great job!
    see ya soon!


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