Chalkboard DIY

It was two weeks post-twins and Andrew and I decided to load up Isaac, Max and Emma into the family van and troll Stouffville for garage sales. Sure it seemed crazy at the time to “shop” while we were struggling with a major event in our lives — two more children! What else could we do? Staying home seemed equally crazy.

We found a sale on a nearby side street. I immediately noticed an old mirror most likely belonging to an old dresser.  The price tag read: $5. Perfect. My heart started to skip a beat when I realized it was just what I was looking for…a project! This would be the perfect chalkboard to add to our newly renovated kitchen.  I could post …lists…quotes…the possibilities were endless. I needed it. I told the homeowner that I would like to buy her mirror and I was planning on turning it into a chalkboard.  She paused…she almost looked like she was going to say “not for sale” and said “I was going to make something out of it too”.  Too bad! It is mine!

Within a few weeks (a few weeks of procrastinating might I add), I sanded, primed and painted the wood frame with trim paint that we had lying around. I painted the mirror with chalkboard paint.

I still notice the chalkboard each and every time that I enter into our kitchen. $5 well spent.

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