No Wheat? Now What?

Younger son, Max has been struggling for well over a month with eczema.  I have taken him to our family DR…I have taken him to a dermatologist.  Both prescribed different variations of cortisone cream.  I felt nervous to keep covering him in these medications with little or no effect on his flare-ups.  I decided to make an appointment at a Naturopath to test for food sensitivities.

His test results show sensitivity to wheat/cheese/sugar/chocolate/beer etc. Since he is almost exclusively breastfed this means that I need to decide whether or not to wean him or eliminate all of the food culprits from my diet with the hopes that his eczema improves.

All of a sudden, I am not sure what I can and cannot eat. The list seems rather long on the “Do not eat” side!  I am not opposed to making my own bread, granola and baked goods if it will improve his health.  I am very worried about eliminating sugar (upon closer inspection sugar is in everything) and cheese (it is part of my daily diet)!

No decisions have been made as of yet…


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